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Subject: Cherry Picker IIPerhaps one more chapter, ya think? I do. Remember this is only a story.
I have not experienced this sort amateur teen lolita nude of thing nor do I honestly know anyone
who has, but I’m always willing to hear from someone whose been there.
Anyhow, N-joi
“That was fun Piper,” Sean said, “You maybe wanna do something again?”
That got a bit of “look” from Aaron but the cute blonde boy didn’t say
anything. I nodded my head,”Sure, especially if Aaron wants to.” I smiled at the boy whose face
softened just a bit and he actually gave off a hint of a smile. I rather
have him as a friend than an enemy besides, I kinda wanted him to fuck
me, that is if he even would. I liked how his fat cock felt in my mouth
and wanted it in my cunt at least once. Besides, he was cute.I went back into Alisha’s room and was reading a book when she got home a
few minutes later. We talked a little bit then she whispered to me that
she wanted to tell me something but I had to keep it a secret. Of course
I nodded my head and she proceeded to tell me about seeing Aaron sweet teen lolita bbs
on her brother’s thingy a few weeks before.”I can’t imagine putting a boy’s thingy in my mouth,” she told me with a
screwed up look on her face that equated sucking cock to eating dog shit.”Neither can I,” I informed her as I chuckled to my self. “If only you
knew,” I thought. I ended up leaving a few minutes later because Alisha’s family had
company coming and as I headed up the sidewalk toward my house I saw
Aaron sitting on a bus bench. He got up and walked with me.”Did you mean what you said about wanting to be with me Piper?” he asked.
I nodded my head. “It wasn’t bad having you suck on my cock while Sean
fucked you. It was kinda hot. I guess I wouldn’t mind being sexy with
you. I mean I never been with a girl before so maybe crazy forbidden lolita links
I should try it.” I
agreed with him and told him I’d like that, to be sexy with him. He asked
when we could do that and I told him right then, that we could go to my
house and be sexy. He gave me a strange look and I explained that it was
Wednesday and my parents wouldn’t be home till late cuz of a meeting that
they went to. I went on to explain my invalid grandmother babysitter and
how my bedroom was upstairs and perfectly safe. The boy smiled ls magazine little lolitas and nodded
his head.”Okay.” Ten minutes later we were standing in my bedroom looking at each
other, neither sure just what to do. “I guess we should just take our
clothes off huh?” I finally said. Aaron nodded his head and we both
started the process and in less time than it taks to tell it we were
facing each other fully naked. Aaron’s cock was about half hard and like
every boy I’d been with so far he wrapped his hand around it and squeezed
and stroked on it, bringing all the way hard in seconds. His balls were
still kinda hanging and moved when he stroked his cock. Gosh boy’s cocks
were fascinating, and so were their balls. I felt early on that they
really were the most beautiful things and would never tire of looking at
them or playing with them.”So can maybe I take a look at your early teen lolita pics pussy Piper? I never really seen one
before today.” I told him he could and went to my bed and lay down with
my feet dangling over the edge a little bit and spread my legs for the
boy. Aaron got on his knees on the floor and leaned forward. Like every
other boy he seemed as interested in my cunt as I was in a boy’s stuff.
Like every other boy he opened up my pussy lips and poked around gently
in there. He slipped a fingertip up in side my cunt and moved it around a
little bit then he put his face in close and sniffed me for a second.”Can I lick you down here Piper?” he asked and I told him of course. I
really liked having my pussy licked and Aaron did as good a job as
anybody, washing everything, moving my clit around and even sucking it
into his mouth. He went further and licked my cunt hole too, pushing his
tongue up inside a little bit. That was new and I really loved it. I
wondered if he could taste any of Sean’s sperm but I didn’t ask he never
said anything about it. I was getting to where I really wanted early teen lolita pics
the boy to
fuck me, to stuff his fat cock inside there. He finally tired of it and
asked if I wanted to suck on him and of course I did.He climbed up next to me and I simply draped my body across his belly and
took hold of raging hard cock, holding it in the air and stroking it a
few times. I then began licking all over the shaft and especially the
head of it. There was some drops of liquid there and I remembered that
boners don’t crazy forbidden lolita links often have pee in them so I guessed that the stuff has
something to do with his sperm. I touched my tongue to it and discovered
that it was sticky so knew that it was related to his balls somehow even
though it wasn’t white. I sucked on his cock head, my tongue exploring
all over the smooth silky skin, yet another thing that amazed me, how
soft that was.”Lick my balls will you please Piper?” the boy moaned so I moved down
between his wide spread legs and did as he asked. I liked the smell of
him down there too which made me want to keep my face in there even more.
I licked on Aaron’s smooth balls, moving the eggs around with my tongue.
I actually lifted the sac up and licked down further onto the underside
of them which made the boy moan young lola pics xxx and squirm. It was interesting down
there, seeing where the crack of his butt started. The really interesting
thing was that there was like a seam of skin that ran down along his
balls, under them, then into his butt crack. As l licked mexican lolita 12 yo down there Aaron
pulled his legs back farther and I finally saw his butt hole up close.
Wow that little line of skin went right to his hole. How interesting.I continued to lick his balls and down almost to his butt hole. Something
was telling me to go all the way, to put my tongue against his hole and
lick there. I sniffed the air and couldn’t smell any poop or other kinds
of disgusting smell, only the smell of boy that I mentioned earlier.”You can lick there if you want Piper?” The boy moaned as he pulled his
legs back even further. “You can lick my asshole, it’s really clean, I
promise.” That was all the encouragement I needed so moved further down
and tasted my very first butt hole. I was very surprised at the texture,
the wrinkled folds of skin. I’d no sooner started however when Aaron
asked me to stop.”Come up mexican lolita 12 yo
and turn around so I can lick on your cunt while you do that
Piper.” Aaron had me lie on the bed then straddled me so that nude preteen model lolitas
his cock
and balls were hanging in the air above my face, in fact his smooth nuts
were almost on my forehead. It was interesting to see a boy’s balls from
that angle, seeing them hang freely in the air like apples on a tree, his
rock hard cock pointing downward toward my little nipples. I raised my
head and licked at the hanging bag and on some impulse closed my mexican lolita 12 yo mouth
over one of his balls and sucked on it. I was very gentle and Aaron
moaned loudly just before he buried his tongue in my cunt.After I let go nude preteen model lolitas of his ball I wrapped my arms up around his waist and went
to work licking his butt hole and down onto the underside of his balls. I
found that I liked licking a butt hole, it made my belly tingle a lot. I
also found out that boys love having it done. I nude preteen model lolitas found out that I did too
but I think boy’s like it better. Regardless, it didn’t last very long
that time for Aaron was moaning loudly as he slurped and sucked his way
all over my pussy.”Oh man Piper I’m gonna cum really fast. If you want to let me fuck you
we better young lola pics xxx do it soon.” I agreed with the boy. I was getting excited too
from doing all the stuff we were doing and was really feeling like I want
his cock in my cunt. Aaron rolled off of me and since I was already on my
back I splayed my legs wide open for him. The cute boy got between my
legs and moved into position, holding his cock downward and aimed at my
cunt. I felt the pressure of his cock toplist lolita sun bbs head as it touch my skin and then
the push as he attempted to get it inside my tight little cunt hole. I
pulled my legs back and it seemed to help cuz his cock slipped inside of
me.It hurt for just a moment; my cunt wasn’t used to having a boy’s cock in
it yet and Aaron’s was thicker than the boy’s who had fucked me so far.
But it felt good and I told him to go ahead and push it all the way
inside of me. He leaned forward and put his hands on the bed, our faces
fairly close to each other, and slowly pushed all the way until his hairs
were touching my pussy.”It feels good Piper,” he moaned softly, “way better than I thought it
would.” He proceeded to pull out of me about half way before pushing back
in side and in a few moments the boy picked up a slow steady rhythm, his
fat cock stretching my cunt farther that it ever had been before. I
reached down and put my hands on his butt, noticing for the first time
how firm it was. I pulled on him and he finally just lay on top of me and
since we were so close he kissed me. Aaron pushed his tongue against my
mouth and when I opened up he put his tongue inside. It felt weird but I
allowed him to keep doing it and pushed my tongue back against his.I could feel the friction building in my tummy and my cunt as Aaron
fucked me, moved a little bit faster, pulling out almost all the way
before shoving his fat cock back inside my cunt. Both of us were
breathing hard, Aaron more so than me.”I’m gonna cum Piper, is it okay to put my sperm in your cunt? You can’t
get pregnant can you?” he panted. I shook my head and moments later the
boy groaned as he slammed into me. I could feel his balls as they smacked
against my body and could feel the warmth of his cum as he fucked it into
me.”Oh god oh fuck oh god,” he groaned as he fucked me harder and faster nude lolita bbs hussy and
then he was done. He started to pull his leaking spent cock out of me and
I stopped him.”No, wait. Keep fucking me Aaron, preteen lolita cphc toplist
don’t stop, keep your cock inside of me
please.” The boy did as I asked, continued to fucked me but without the
enthusiasm of before. It would become my task to teach boys what I
needed, what most girls needed, and that was to stay inside of us and not
just pull out right after they shot their hot young sperm into our cunts.
Of course I would have thought that Aaron would understand that concept,
having had cocks inside his tight little butt hole, but what did I know
about boy sex.He finally rolled off of me then lay beside me and we kissed again. “That
was more fun that I thought it would be Piper,” he said, “I wouldn’t mind
doing it again sometime but I don’t think I could it regular like. I like
boys much better. I’d rather get fucked than fuck.” I agreed with him on
both counts then asked what it was like getting fucked in the butt. He
said it was the most awesome thing having a boy’s cock in his ass.”It’s almost like I have control of him or something,” he said rather
thoughtfully. I agreed with him there too cuz I felt preteen lolita children naked the same way. Aaron
and I would become good friends and he would fuck me from time to time
and I would be the only girl he ever fucked. He always had another boy
with him too so I met even more boys because of him.I’ve said before that I would always prefer to be with at least two boys
at a time and a lot of that was because I loved watching them be
together. I found out lots of woman enjoy that just as many men like
watching two women together but part of my thing was self preservation. I
understood the concept of a reputation early on. I also knew that boys
liked to brag about the things they did, no matter what that thing was.
So, having them in two’s or more and making them do things with each
other gave toplist lolita sun bbs
me a bit if insurance. We all had reason to keep quiet about
our activities. Too, once a boy finds a lols 14yr ls models girl who will let him fuck her he
tends to want to come back for more and the only way that was going to
happen was if he kept it a secret.So it was that I started on my way toward making young teenage boys into
young teenage men and there seemed to be no shortage of boys who were
willing to make the leap. I found them everywhere; parks, stores, even at
church, although I didn’t even go to church all that often. One
interesting story though that happened was this. There was a boy,
fourteen years old I think and his name was Kent that ls magazine little lolitas I had met when
another boy and him fucked me in the other boy’s bedroom one day after
school. The other boy, Mark, was a really cute thirteen year old and told
me that he knew a boy I might like to be with. Well, I liked to be with
any boy who had a hard amateur teen lolita nude cock with hairs on it and could make sperm.I’d agreed to go home with Mark on the condition that another boy be
there young first time loli too. So it was that Kent showed up right after we got there. A
somewhat strapping boy, Kent looked like he was older but he wasn’t. He
had a full head of messy dark brown hair, big brown eyes and what seemed
like perfect lips. Like most all boys I had ever been with he was cute,
as was the blonde haired blue eyed Mark. Mark said his parents wouldn’t
be home for hours so we went to his room and did the strip thing, and of
course both boys were hard as stone by the time they got naked. Unlike
most of the thirteen year old boys I’d seen, Mark’s dick was bigger than
most, probably reaching six inches long and he had a little nest of dark
brown hairs at the base of it. His medium sized balls were pretty much
smooth, the blue veined wrinkled bag not hanging a my little hairless lolita simply a sort of round
sac held up close to his cock.Kent on the other hand was a healthy boy sporting a moderately fat dick
that had to be seven inches long. He had bush of hairs growin on it and
his balls seemed to have the stuff growing on them too, but mostly at the
top where the sac started to hang and fuck, did his bag hang. That boy
had the hanging-est balls I’d ever seen, the sac stretching out a good
three inches before getting to where the eggs hung nude preteen model lolitas
in the air, the entire
works moving freely when the boy did.We went through most of the motions of the boys eating out my pussy, me
sucking on their cocks and them sucking each other, alone and while I
sucked on one. Kent even licked on Mark’s butt hole, the younger boy
moaning loudly that he loved it when Kent did that to him. I really
wanted Kent to fuck me, wanted to feel his seven plus inches of fat cock
stretching my cunt out. I knew that the boy had to make a ton of sperms
and I wanted every drop of his thick milky white cum inside my cunt,
filling me up with his boy juice. But Kent was reluctant as all hell. No
matter what I said to him, he was worried that his sperms would make me
have a baby. I finally convinced him to at least fuck me a little bit so
he could early teen lolita pics feel what it was like having his hard cock inside a cunt for the
first time.He finally agreed but said he was only going to fuck me long enough to
get a feel of what it was like then he was gonna pull out. “At least when
I fuck Mark I don’t have to worry about it,” he said, admitting to me
what I already knew, that he had been fucking the thirteen year old boy’s
tight little asshole on a regular basis. I did the typical position,
lying on my back at the edge of the bed. Kent got into position between
my legs, holding his cock down with his fingers. Mark was right in there
close so I jacked on his cock a little bit as I watched, then felt,
Kent’s swollen cock head against my hole. He pushed, then pushed some
more and the silky head slipped inside of me as pretty as you please.”Put it all the way in me Kent,” I commanded and we all three watched as
the virgin boy slipped every inch of his rock hard cock into my tight
little cunt until I could feel his hairs and his balls touching my skin.”Goddamn that looks so fucking hot,” Mark said. “Your cunt is stretched
out so far Piper I can’t believe he got it all in there.” Well I damn
sure knew my cunt was stretched out, probably the farthest that it had
been so far in my young sexually active life. I loved it.”Go ahead and fuck me Kent,” I told the boy and he began the process. young first time loli
felt good to me, his thick pole sliding in and out of my tight little
hole. Mark fed me his cock while Kent fucked me, draping his body over my
face to give me access to him. I loved sucking a boy while another boy
fucked me, loved having my two primary holes filled with young first time loli boy cock. I had
yet to try anal sex but when I did then having three cocks at once would
be a big plus for me.The whole thing didn’t last very long, just as Kent promised, and within
two minutes the boy was pulling his pride and joy out of my pussy and
leaving me feeling empty. I still had Mark’s cock although the smaller
boy wouldn’t fill me up as nicely as Kent had but I knew that the cute
young blonde boy would make up for it with enthusiasm. Mark had fucked me
a couple of times, he being one of the few boys I would have with on a
semi-regular basis, and he always fucked me pretty good.Kent made a suggestion so we got into position, Kent on his back on the
bed, and me straddling his face in a classic sixty nine position, his big
cock almost in my face.”Go ahead and put your cock lols 14yr ls models in her Mark,” the older boy said and I felt
him get into position behind me. This my little hairless lolita
configuration was something a
little new which made it interesting and sort of hotter. I felt Mark’s
cock head at my lips then the great feeling of it as top 100 lolita preteen it passed through
the muscle of my cunt and ls magazine little lolitas moved inside my eight year old body.”Fuck that is the hottest looking thing,” Kent said before he started
licking at my pussy, moving my clit with his tongue. Mark began fucking
me, holding onto my hips and sliding his six inches of boner in and out
of me. Kent had him stop so the older boy could lick on Mark’s balls and
I could feel it too as his flesh probed where Mark’s body and mine met.
At the other end he was holding his cock in the air while I licked at the
swollen head, tasting some of my cunt juice, then sucking on the silky
flesh. I can’t express enough how much I loved cock. In my mind there was
never enough of it and I would never tire of it. In this case too were
Kent’s balls, the entire sac moving between his thighs as he jacked off.
They didn’t bounce like some boys balls do cuz they sagged too much and
were too heavy but still they moved around gently.As he always did, Mark gave me a really good fucking, driving his cock in
and out of my cunt with a frenzy, slamming his flat pubic bone into my
butt. And he didn’t just do the in and out but would stay inside of me,
holding my hips tightly, and move his slender little butt around. And he
talked while he did it.”God I love fucking you Piper,” he moaned. “I love having my hard cock in
your tight little pussy hole, goddamn I want to shoot my cum in your cunt
Piper, oh fucking God.” It went on like that and I loved it. I discovered
that lots of boys like to talk nasty while they have sex and I was no
different in that regard than they were. Kent finally told us that he was
ready to cum and began young lola pics xxx jacking his cock a little bit faster. Behind me,
Mark also picked up speed, his hotness probably enhanced because Kent had
a hand back there and was playing with the boy’s balls while he fucked
his hard cock into me.My mouth got sore at exactly the nude lolita bbs hussy same time that Kent groaned out loud and
I took my mouth from his sweet teen lolita bbs flesh just as he squirted his sperm. From less
than a foot away and with my eyes wide open, the boy shot his warm cum
straight into my face. The first shot splattered my right cheek and since
I sort of moved my head back the second one got my chin. At the same time
Mark was blasting his own hot cum into my cunt and I felt myself go over
the edge. I didn’t bother to move my face except to try and make sure
that all of Kent’s sperm hit it. I think it did and there was a butt load
of the stuff. The boy must have squirted six or seven times, the last one
going in my mouth since my sore mouth wasn’t so sore anymore. The stiff
shaft continued to ooze out gooey cum and I continued to swallow it until
Kent’s dick head got too sensitive and he gently pulled it from my mouth.
Behind me Mark kept on fucking me although it was slow and gentle, just
like he knew I liked it.Mark finally pulled out of me and I rolled to my back and when he saw my
face he about shit. “Fuck Piper that is so hot looking with Kent’s sperm
all over your face.” I wanted to see so the boy got a hand mirror to let
me look and he was right, it looked hot, it felt hot and it was hot as
all hell getting it. From that point on I was sold on facials and would
always encourage a boy to squirt his cum on me and man oh man do I have
some stories about nude preteen model lolitas that.”I’ll get a washcloth for you,” he said.”You love this don’t you?” Kent asked as soon as Mark left the bedroom. I
nodded my head and then he surprised me by kissing me on the lips and
taking some of his sperm back into his own mouth. “I do too but I really
love being with boys more than girls, although I liked fucking you Piper.
Maybe we could do it again only I’ll use a rubber.” I nodded my head.
“Listen,” he went on in a quiet voice. “I know of something that I bet
you’d really love but you gotta not tell anyone, even Mark.” I gave my
assent just as the other boy came back into the room, his still hard cock
bobbing in the air in front of him. He cleaned me off very gently and I
stroked his cock for him while he did it.After I was cleaned off we laid around on the bed playing with each
other, sucking and nude preteen model lolitas
kissing and licking and stuff, then Kent fucked Mark.
Like the cute young blonde and done to me, Kent fucked his tight little
asshole from behind and I watched closely as that fat cock slid deep
inside Mark’s butt. It was clear that Mark like to be fucked as much as
he liked preteen lolita children naked fucking me, the boy moaning loudly and telling Kent to fuck his
ass even harder. Of course the boy had to take time out from eating my
pussy in order to talk. I eventually slid underneath the two boys just as
Kent had done to me so I knew what he meant by being so close up crazy forbidden lolita links to the
action. I played with both sets of balls, tugging Kent’s low hanging eggs
as he fucked Marked. He told me afterwards that having me pull on his
nuts when he came made his cum so much better. I told him I was glad I
could. When he was done I sucked off Mark until he came, shooting a
couple of squirts of cum into my mouth. Mark never seemed to make as much
sperm the second time around, something I noticed with a lot of boys.Kent and I left Mark’s house at the same time and lols 14yr ls models
once outside he told me
what I would need to do. First off it was a night time thing so could I
manage to get out of my house somehow for about three hours or more. I
said that I could as I knew that my parents were actually going to go
away for the night and my grandmother was going to watch me. Sneaking out
would be easy. We set it for that Friday night.I preteen lolita cphc toplist met Kent a block from my house about nine o’clock, my grandmother
thinking I was in bed asleep. We walked another block and caught a city
bus that took us to the other side of town, the not so nice part. After
getting off we walked about a half block, coming up on a huge church,
whose name I will not mention. We headed down a somewhat dark alley
toward the church and Kent filled me in on what was going to happen.We would be inside a small room at the back of the church complex that
had a two way mirror looking into what was a bedroom. There, some kids
would come in, usually boys but sometimes a girl. There would be two or
three, sometimes more and they would be under eleven and would be
accompanied by an older boy, usually thirteen or so, and a man. The man
would watch from the side as the older boy got the younger ones naked and
being sexy but at some point the man would usually be sexy with all of
them, usually fucking them.I asked him how he knew all this and he told me that he had been the
older boy in the mix when he was twelve and thirteen and still did it
from time to time. It seemed that the top 100 lolita preteen man got really hot from knowing
that someone else was watching him. He also said that sometimes, the
other kids were told that someone might be on the other side of the
mirror; the operative words being sometimes and might, but not always.
The man told them he never knew either. sweet teen lolita bbs Kent also said that we would be
able to hear everything that went on in the room but no one would be able
to see or hear us.”I brought some rubbers too Piper, just in case I mean,” the boy smiling
at me. That was cool cuz I didn’t want to get myself all hotted up and
not get fucked, that wouldn’t be fun at all. We entered a door that was
almost impossible to see because of the bushes and the dark. Inside Kent
turned on a light switch and we were bathed in a low watt deep red light
that Kent said couldn’t be seen on the other side ukrainian little lolita girls of the mirror, a glass
pane about six feet long but only two feet high. He told me I’d
understand as soon as the lights in the other room went on and the words
were barely out of his mouth when they did. I could tell immediately that
the floors of the two rooms were not the exact same height as the glass
on our side was only about two feet higher than the bed that sat on the
other side of the wall. Everything else in the bedroom seemed normal.Crowding into the room were three boys and a girl, all crazy forbidden lolita links of them seeming to
be darker skinned but not Mexican. Being the early nineties, there had
been an influx of various Eastern cultures into many cities and these
people, as I’d figured out when I got older, seemed to be of that type,
straight thick black hair and large dark eyes. I could hear them talk
throughout the entire thing but didn’t understand what they said.In any case one boy and ls magazine little lolitas
the little girl appeared to be about the same
age, seven or a small eight. The second nude preteen model lolitas boy looked to be about ten or so
and the third boy a slender thirteen. A man stepped into the room behind
them and went young lola pics xxx straight to an arm chair that sat about five feet from the
bed and facing it. He was older but I couldn’t tell much more than that,
although he was older than my father. He wasn’t bad looking, his sandy
hair short and sort of thin on top. He was wearing a sweat suit, matching
dark blue shirt and pants.The older boy immediately began undressing the youngest boy, pulling his
pants and underwear down first and going straight for the boy’s little
cock. I was amazed at what I was seeing.”Why is that boy’s dick different Kent?” I asked my fourteen year old
friend.”He’s uncircumcised, it’s the way boys are born. Some boys, like me have
the extra skin cut off when they’re born. Don’t ask me why cuz I don’t
know,” he added, effectively chopping off my next question. We watched as
the older boy slid the skin back on the little boy exposing his little
cock head.”It’s like a little hat,” I said and Kent agreed with me. We watched as
the little boy became hard under the ministrations of his penis. Once the
youngest boy was hardened up the older boy moved on to the next boy,
leaving the little boy to finished getting undressed. He repeated the
process on the ten year old whose dick looked like the little boy only it
was bigger and already hard, standing in the air with the little nub of
skin at the end. It was a nice looking five inch or so cock and when the
thirteen year old began sucking on it I wished it was me doing it. The
boy’s balls were totally smooth and wrinkly but were hanging a little bit
and the older boy tugged on them as he sucked the boy’s brown cock, the
boy moaning quietly.The man called the little girl to his chair and had her face the mirror
then began rubbing up and down on her belly before taking her shirt off.
He then rubbed at the front of her pink pants a little bit mexican lolita 12 yo
unsnapping them and shoving them to the floor. He slipped a hand down
inside her panties and rubbed, the little girl seeming to squat ever so
slightly to allow the man access to her pussy.Behind me I could hear Kent’s breathing become a little deeper then he
said quietly to me, “Let’s take our clothes off Piper.” I nodded my head
and turned slightly away and began taking my nude lolita bbs hussy
pants down as I watched the
man pull the little girls panties all the way down then begin playing
with her smooth pussy, rubbing his finger up and down her dark slit,
peeling the lips open and rubbing at her little clit. I turned briefly as
I removed my clothes and saw that Kent was already fully naked, his fat
cock as hard nude preteen model lolitas as stone as he watched me and the action on the other nude lolita teen pix
of the mirror. I took hold of his rigid dick, loving the feeling and the
warmth of it, and stroked it while I too watched the action.The older boy stood up the other two went about taking his clothes off,
both smooth young boys smiling when they unleashed the boy’s cock,
another fairly healthy six or more inches of darker skinned cock. He too
was like the other boys only I could see part of his cock 11yo preteen model loli head sticking
out from the skin that was over it. His balls were nice sized and mostly
smooth, the black hairs growing at the beginning of the sac where it
began to hang from his cock. Above it was nice little patch of black hair
as well. The older of the two got to his knees and began stroking the
stone hard dick and this time I could easily see how it uncovered and
covered up the boy’s cock head. I was dying to play with nude preteen model lolitas
a cock like
that.Behind them the little girl, now fully naked, was working and pulling the
man’s sweat pants down, requiring him to lift his ass up off the chair.
We watched from behind as she slid them to the floor where he kicked them
off, then moved to the side of the chair. The man had pulled the shirt
off as well and sat there with his legs open sporting the biggest nude lolita bbs hussy cock
I’d ever seen, the thick hard shaft standing proudly in front of his
somewhat hairy belly.”Pretty big isn’t he?” Kent asked as he stood behind me, his hard cock
pressed against my back. “It’s almost nine inches long and believe me
when it’s inside of you it feels even bigger.”"You mean he’s fucked you,” ls magazine little lolitas
I asked and Kent said that the man had, many
times. I simply stared as Kent reached around in front of me and began
playing with my nipples, gently rubbing and then pinching them ever so
slightly. It was the first time any boy had worked on that part of me and
I found that I really liked it a lot. The area between the mans legs was
a mass of brown hair, his big balls seeming to be as furry as an animal.
The little girl 11yo preteen model loli leaned over the arm of the chair, took hold of the man’s
huge dick and tried to suck him, barely getting the swollen fat head into
her small mouth. In front of us the ten year old boy was sucking the
thirteen year old while than boy fondled the little boy’s toplist lolita sun bbs hard little
cock and balls.”Can I lick your pussy Piper?” Kent asked and by way of an answer I stood
sideways so I could watch the others while he did it. The little girl
left the man and came over an lay on the bed in front of me while the
littlest boy went to the man and took over the sucking of his cock, the
boy not able to do any more than the girl had but giving it the best job
he could do. On the bed, the ten year old lay between the little girls
spread out legs and began licking at her smooth pussy, pulling the lips
wide open and slurping all over her clit and down to her cunt hole. The
older boy stood next to the bed so the little girl could suck on his
cock, which she started to do. Between my legs Kent was doing the same
thing to me, licking all over my pussy and into my cunt and getting me
all hotted ls magazine little lolitas up.On the bed the two boys traded places and the older boy went for her cunt
while the ten year old straddled her chest. The girl started by licking
and sucking on the boys balls for a moment then he turned around and
backed up so she also had access to butthole. I made Kent stop what he
was doing so I could go to the other 11yo preteen model loli
end of the mirror and actually see
the little girl licking that boy’s smooth puckered little hole, which she
was doing with a lot of young lola pics xxx
energy.Movement caught my eye and I saw the man and the little boy get up out of
the chair and moved to the bed where the man got on at the head and
leaned back against the wall. The little boy immediately climbed and
buried his face in the man’s crotch and took hold of his cock and started
licking the head like an all day sucker. I couldn’t believe how big that
man was and of course I immediately wondered what that monstrous dick
would feel like inside my cunt and shivered a little at the thought.The man said something and the ten year old got off the bed and retrieved
a bottle of lube from the small nightstand and handed it to the thirteen
year old boy. The girl moved as well, giving the older boy room as he
climbed on the bed, slathering his brown cock with lube. The little boy
continued to suck the man’s cock but got onto his knees and pushed his
little butt out and the teenager slathered his little hole then got
behind him. I was thankful for the length of the mirror for I could go to
the end and stand almost right next to the man’s head but I only went far
enough to watch the older boy gently slide his cock into the little boy’s
asshole. He kept his hands on the boy’s hips and proceeded to shove his
cock in until his pubes were against the boy’s butt then immediately drew
back out.I felt Kent’s hand on my pussy, rubbing and playing around, then his
voice in my ear. “I want to fuck ls magazine little lolitas you Piper. Can I? Can I fuck you while
we watch?” I nodded my head. I was pretty heated up over it all for at
the other end of the bed the ten year old was in position between the
little girls legs and was getting ready to shove his skinny five inch
little boner into her cunt. She was on her back, legs pulled back so her
knees were almost along side her head. The boy held his cock down with
his fingers, got in close and moved the head around until preteen lolita children naked
he found the
hole then pushed inward. ls magazine little lolitas
The little girl must have had some experience
because the boy’s cock slipped inside of her bald cunt without a problem
and with no change of expression on her cute little brown face.”Move your legs wider Piper,” Kent said behind me and when I did he
stepped in real close. I pushed my butt backwards for him, leaning on a
small shelf lols 14yr ls models or ledge that was at the bottom of the window. I felt his
cock probing around so reached between my legs and guided him to my
hungry little cunt and as soon as the head touched my hole Kent pushed
his fourteen year old cock into me. I groaned as the walls of my cunt
expanded to take him inside me, his swollen head pressing deeper into
body and filling me.Kent Wrapped and arm around my waist and moved his other hand onto my
smooth pussy and started to move, to slowly fuck me from behind. I soon
discovered that it had different feelings doing it that way. The other
thing I liked was that it freed my mouth up so toplist lolita sun bbs
to give me easier access
to another boy’s cock, or a little girl’s cunt. As Kent fucked me we
watched as the ten year old continue to fuck the little girl and the
older boy pulled his cock from the little boy’s tight ass. The boy
continued to stroke his cock a little bit and from what I could see he
hadn’t squirted his sperm out yet and I wondered why. That became
apparent when the little boy turned around and started to squat, moving
his now looser little boy’s hole toward the nine inch pole that the man
was holding upright for him.”My Gosh Kent how’s that thing gonna fit in that little boy’s butt hole?”
I asked my teenage lover.”He’ll make it, you watch,” Kent breathed into my ear as he continued to
fuck his hard cock into my cunt, picking up a little speed in the
process. The older teen stepped up to help the little boy balance himself
then held the boy’s rock hard cock and smooth marble sized balls up out
of the way. I almost held my breath as the fat swollen head touched the
boy for a second or two then disappear inside the boy’s butt, the boy
head rolled back and a look of pain on his smooth seven year old face.
The boy continued downward until he sat, pinned to the man.”My gosh,” I groaned and reached behind me with one hand to pull on
Kent’s hip. “What’s I like having that cock in your ass Kent,” I moaned
and before the boy could answer I asked, “Do you think he’d put my little hairless lolita ls magazine little lolitas it in me,
do you think he’d fuck me Kent?” My lover continued to drive his cock
into me and said he ls magazine little lolitas didn’t know, he could ask.”But I have a better idea Piper,” he whispered. “I know a really cute
blonde boy who has a cock that’s as big as that guy’s, wouldn’t you
rather be with a boy than that old guy?” Hell it wasn’t the guy or the
boy it was all about having a big huge cock stuffed inside my cunt.
However the idea of being with a boy, and probably Kent as well, did have
better appear.’”Yeah it would. So when can we do it?” He said probably that week, he
didn’t know. He’d have to figure out how to make it work. I said okay
then added,”So fuck me harder Kent.” The boy had no problem doing what I asked and
held onto my hips just as the older boy had done with little one, and
began slamming his seven inches of boy dick into my cunt. On the bed nude lolita teen pix the
ten year old was driving rapidly in and out of the little girl while the
little boy, along with the man’s help, began rising and falling on that
huge pole. The teenage leaned down and began sucking on the little boy,
his hand playing with both the marble sized balls and the man’s heavy
hairy ones. I felt the tingle in my belly and whispered for Kent to fuck
me harder and just as he did he said he was gonna cum. He held on tight
and slammed into my body, holding me in place so he could push and pull
my waist for added thrust. I had no problem with that and a second later
Kent groaned loudly behind me and I felt his cock thicken then the warmth
of his load of sperm. He’d taken his hand from my pussy so I’d reached
between my legs and found toplist lolita sun bbs his low hanging sac and began tugging the
smooth balls.”Pull my balls, pull on my balls,” Kent moaned out as he squirted at
least six or seven times, my own pulsing cunt muscles probably helping
the teenager along. The little nude lolita bbs hussy boy was moving faster on the man, the
guy’s hands helping, and we both heard his high pitched scream. I thought
he was hurt and said so but Kent said no, the little boy was cumming. I
didn’t remember hearing about that before, that little boys could cum too
but why not, I certainly did.To his credit Kent didn’t try to pull out of me but stayed there, not
moving much. We watched as the ten year old pulled out of the little girl
and traded places with the older boy only standing on the bed so the man
could suck on his cocklet. I wanted to watch the little girl get fucked
so managed to get Kent and me moved down farther. We got there as the boy
knelt between her smooth brown thighs, stroked his cock a couple of times
which was cool to see from up close. I decided I wanted to play with a
boy whose cock looked like that, that had the extra skin on it.The boy moved in close, put his exposed dick head to the little girl’s
hole and pushed inside just as smoothly as the boy had, his pubes against
her smooth pussy almost faster than I could see it. Back at the other end
of the bed ukrainian little lolita girls the little boy lifted himself up off of the man’s lap and
moved down off of the bed. The ten year old then moved to take the boys
place except that he faced the man and as the teenage boy started fucking
the little girl, the ten year old boy sat on the man’s cock and was soon
settled onto his lap, nothing visible but underage teen preteen prelolita the man’s hair balls. Much to
my surprise Kent started fucking me again then stopped.”I gotta change rubbers Piper,” and slowly pulled out of me. While he was
busy re wrapping his dick I alternated between watching the man fuck the
boy and the boy fuck the girl, all three of the children seeming to me to
be having fun. Heck I knew I was; would be. I watched, mesmerized as the
two children got fucked and Kent slipped back inside amateur teen lolita nude of me. He had seemed
to last a fairly long time top 100 lolita preteen the first time so I was hoping for a good long
fuck the second time. The problem with boys was that they often squirted
out their sperm too soon and I didn’t get to cum. I’d learn that most
women felt the same way.The ten year old boy began moaning and groaning and shaking on the man’s
dick and I heard the teenager moan, pull out of the girl’s pussy and
start to jack off. His head rolled backwards and he slowed his stroke
then looked down so that all three of us saw the jet of white goo that
blasted out of his cock head onto the little girl’s stomach. He pulled on
his balls as his cock shot two more time’s then slowed to a dribble. As
soon as that happened he put his cock back inside the girl and went back
to top 100 lolita preteen
fucking her. And then it was the man’s turn.The boy lifted himself up off the man and stepped down off the bed and
proceeded to clean his little butt hole, just as the smallest boy had.
The man said something and the teen pulled his cock from the little girl
who slid up further on the bed and pulled her legs back again, opening up
her pussy for viewing. The man got into place, holding that big long fat
cock downward then touched the head to her smooth pussy.”My Gosh Kent he’s actually going to fuck her.” Kent said he knew that
and once again picked up speed inside my swollen and ready cunt. I stared
as the man entered the little girl and kept on moving until his balls
were mashed against her. I couldn’t believe it. He little cunt was
stretched so far open to accommodate the man’s thick cock. I knew I was
going to bug Kent until he introduced me to the big cocked friend of his.
I was determined to get my twat fucked by a big cock.In front of us the man began toplist lolita sun bbs to fuck the little girl, pulling almost all
the way out of her then driving his cock almost straight downward into
her small body. The other three boys stood around and watched, slowly
stroking their own hard underage teen preteen prelolita dicks as the man picked up speed and hammered
into the girl. The girl must have been feeling pretty good cuz her eyes
were closed; she licked her lips and was moaning. Kent picked up speed
some more and told me to watch and see what happened. The little girl
began to shake and squeal and I knew that she was cumming, just like
cummed. As soon as she stopped the man 11yo preteen model loli
pulled his cock out of her and
pulled into a sitting position. The little girl immediately began sucking
the head of his cock while he jacked off, his hand resting on her head
and encouraging her.”Oh fuck Piper watch,” Kent moaned and I knew that he wasn’t far from
shooting his sperm into me for the second time that night. The little
girls eyes opened wide and she pulled back. The man’s white gooey sperm
was leaking out of her mouth just as his cock fired off a second glob of
the stuff that caught the girl right between the eyes. He kept her head
there as she shot for a third time and behind me Kent moaned loudly and
began fucking the living shit out of me. A second later the boy came and
took me along with him. I came, Kent came, and the man came another five
times, each shot of his sperm landing somewhere on the little girl’s face
and covering it in white goo. Kent was groaning young first time loli
and moaning.”Fuck I love it when he does that, shoots his cum onto a little girl or
boy’s face,” and he fucked me harder. “I love when he cums on my face,”
he moaned softly. I’d have loved to see that, Kent’s face covered in a
gallon of thick white sperm from a man or a boy.We watched for another hour as the five of them went through a variety of
positions. The teenager fucked the man and the ten year old who fucked
the little girl again. The man spent a majority of time sucking cocks or
licking butt holes and at the end he jacked off on the little boy’s face
and once again Kent came, fucking me with a vengeance as the man creamed
the boy.We finally dressed and left, talking about the experience, which had been
incredibly fun. I bugged the boy and got him to commit to getting me
together with him and his friend Adrian. “You’re gonna love being with
him so much Piper, oh fuck, his cock is so awesome.” I swear Kent’s eyes
glazed over as he said, no one sitting even close to us on the well lit
city bus.”This week, I promise Piper,” Kent said just before I got off the bus.
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